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Torx Screws

Button Head Torx Screws

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Pan Head Torx ScrewsTorx Screws, and Torx Fasteners. Off the shelf  in Fastener Express packaging. By Design Torx Screws have a better design then Phillips and slotted screws. Slotted screws Strip much easier than torx.The Drive on Torx Screws  Phillips Drives were designed to cam-out, so torx fasteners will tighten better and not strip as easy. Screwing into a slotted drive, will also cause less torque and can cause problems if a tight fit is important. Many aerospace companies use torx screws and torx fasteners for better stability They can be Heat-treated for strength. Industrial threaded products. We can also help you with Packaging solutions and specifications including head style and material .


Torx Screws

They come  in a variety of head styles included, but not limited to Flat head, Socket head, button head, pan head torx screws in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, titanium, zinc plated, alloy steel, aluminum and several more.  Torx Plus Screws is an improvement to the already fantastic torx screw. The torx plus fastener offers a hexalobular internal driving feature.




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