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Top Fastener Supply Company

Top Fastener Supply Company

Hobbyists and professionals who are searching for hard-to-find fasteners, typically seek a fastener supply company that specializes in the best fastener manufacturing products. provides fastener solutions for an abundant range of industries located throughout the United States. is a fastener supply company that customers can trust, as the largest distributor of socket head cap screws and aluminum socket screws on the Internet.

As a specialty fastener supply company, offers a complete selection of all types of miniature hobby screws, in both metric and standard sizes. We also feature a wide variety of materials made from stainless steel and anodized aluminum. also offers other sought after supplies, ranging from plated and alloy steel screws, to nylon and titanium based products.

The typical fastener supply company offers the most basic screw selection available. goes many steps further, with over 20 million aluminum screws, alloy steel fasteners, stainless steel fasteners, and zinc plated fasteners in the sizes you require, all at competitive prices.

No matter what type of fastener or screw you need, you can find it at the best fastener supply company on the web: Whether it is machine screws, metric screws, sheet metal screws, threaded machine screws, socket head cap screws, drywall screws, metric socket screws, flat head socket screws or button head socket screws - all of those items and more are all available here.'s huge selection of specialty and industrial screws includes nuts of all kinds - something another fastener supply company may not carry. We also stock standard and metric nuts of the aluminum hex variety, as well as nylon insert lock nuts.'s selection of torx screws is unrivaled by any other fastener supply company.

As the top fastener supply company on the web, Fastener-Express's huge inventory features products which many of the world's best manufacturing companies have created, with top of the line materials. This kind of unparalleled quality provides our customers with the best products of their type available at all times. looks forward to becoming your go-to fastener supply company on the web. We stand behind all of our products and are proud to provide the very best fastener products to hobbyists, manufacturers, and distributors alike. Let us help you to complete your next project on time, with quality fasteners, at price you can afford - crafted by the most prestigious fastener makers in the world.

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