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Fastener express Nuts come in many different materials and nut styles and are suitable for nearly any application. We carry Hex nuts, lock nuts. nut plates, blind/T-nuts and much more. Many are available with brass threaded inserts. Whether you need stainless, brass, or plated nuts Fastener Express has what you need.
Black Oxide Hex Nuts
Black Oxide Hes nuts in many sizes.
Black Oxide Nylon Insert Locknuts
nylon insert lock nuts in Black Oxide
Hex Nuts Aluminum
aluminum hex nuts
Nylon Hex Nuts
nylon hex nuts, mad if nylon material
Hex Nuts Plated
hex nuts plated
Hex Nuts Stainless
stainless steel hex nuts
Hex Nuts Brass
We Carry a variety of sizes brass hex nuts in small or large quantities
Nylon Insert Lock Nuts Plated
plated nylon insert lock nuts in many diameters.
Nylon Insert Lock Nuts Stainless Steel
nylon insert lock nuts made in stainless steel.
Nylon Insert Lock Nuts Aluminum
Aluminum nylon insert lock nuts
Kep Nuts Stainless
stainless steel kep nuts
Blind Nuts (T Nuts)
Blind nuts or T-Nuts
Brass Threaded Inserts
Brass nuts with threaded inserts
Locking floating nut plates
locking floating nut plates
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